SeaLine 23.1 inch MK3 Monitor

The SeaLine Monitors are a series of rugged TFT LCD Displays. The traditional design and modular approach makes them highly suitable for retrofit into existing systems.

Please note that our monitors have been approved with all accessories mounted, they are all provided with AD/DC inputs and can even be used as a part of an UPS system.  For improved performance and reliability backlight technology is based on LEDs.

Please download datasheet for more information regarding different configurations and their P/N.

  • SL23-MK3-STA2-NO-SW
  • SL23-MK3-STA2-NO-SW-map
  • SL21-og-23-MK-SUN
  • SL-MK-STA2
  • SL-MK-TUR2

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