Wave 27 inch multi touch display

The Wave Monitors are a series of well-designed, rugged LED displays with all the required marine approvals. The design of the Wave series is based on extensive feedback from shipowners, shipyards, system integrators and most importantly the navigators working on the bridge.

The Wave 27 inch multi touch display offers the same mounting flexibility as the standard Wave monitor, and the touch unit has been tailored from state of the art Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology to obtain the same minimized outer measures as the non-touch version. The monitor is equipped with extensive interface features met by marine standards. For improved performance and reliability backlight is based on LED technology offering wide viewing angle.

Please download datasheet for more information regarding different configurations and their P/N.

  • north-invent-27inch-multi
  • north-invent-wave-27-map
  • Wave-monitor-roof-mounted-with-hinge-backside
  • Wave-monitor-with-accessories-kit
  • wave_270_with_hinge_and_HMI
  • wave_270_backside_with_hinge
  • Wave-monitor-for-panel-mounting-from-back
  • Wave-monitor-panel-mounted
  • Wave-monitor-connectivity
  • Wave-hinge-and-HMI

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