Reliable and flexible solutions to the marine, shipping and offshore industry

Business Concept

North Invent provides well designed, reliable and flexible solutions to the marine, shipping and offshore industry with focus on visual information systems. Based in Haugesund, Norway, we use our specialist know-how to develop high quality modular products that are easily scalable and adaptable to meet any specific customer requirement.

The company’s flexibility and approach to building customer partnerships has resulted in market share growth in a core market of high-end navigation monitors for commercial vessels in addition to penetration of application specific markets such as security/CCTV, engine room systems, mega yachts and solutions for naval vessels.

North Invent will build on our position to become an increasingly significant and successful solutions provider by realizing game changing strategies in the market.

Clear purpose

Designed and developed solutions so our customers’ systems become more efficient, powerful and productive.

No hassle

We do not sell on price alone. Our aim is to always supply quality products and solutions at the very highest level.

Global thinking

Support and service for our customers anywhere in the world, utilizing our extensive global partnerships.

No guessing

We believe it’s always important to investigate the needs of our customers, right down to the finest detail.

Management Principles

Our management has a customer oriented mindset, while focusing on continuous improvement.

Installed Base

Have a look at the images below to see a few selected samples from our installed base of more than 20 000 marine approved monitors! A large variety of vessels ranging from cruise ships, deep sea vessels, offshore vessels, navy ships, fishing vessels, yachts and other specialized vessels are all currently sailing with North Invent Products as part of operation critical systems.


Our product development is strongly focused on customer problem solving as every R&D project is driven by an identified and assessed market need. We have established a high quality R&D process with vast in-house experience combined with strong sourcing network ensuring rapid product development turnaround. Cooperating with all the major notified bodies we have a proven track record on project management, approvals and certifications. In addition to the marine approvals, our products are compliant to a selection of MIL standards.


All North Invent monitors of relevant sizes are individually colour calibrated out of production by means of gamma curve adjustment. This ensures that colour reproduction of any model is consistent, and that the monitors are eligible for ECDIS applications.

Native gamma curve response looks like this;

Optimized gamma curve response;

To learn more about our top notch technologies for gamma curve adjustment, please make contact with one of our representatives.