The Wave Monitors are a series of well-designed, rugged LED displays with all the required marine approvals.

Our product development is strongly focused on customer problem solving as every R&D project is driven by an identified and assessed market need. We have established a high quality R&D process with vast in-house experience combined with strong sourcing network ensuring rapid product development turnaround. Cooperating with all the major notified bodies we have a proven track record on project management, approvals and certifications. In addition to the marine approvals, our products are compliant to a selection of MIL standards.

All our products are Type Approved by our partner DNVGL.


All North Invent monitors of relevant sizes are individually colour calibrated out of production by means of gamma curve adjustment. This ensures that colour reproduction of any model is consistent, and that the monitors are eligible for ECDIS applications.

Native gamma curve response looks like this;

Optimized gamma curve response;

To learn more about our top notch technologies for gamma curve adjustment, please make contact with one of our representatives.